1. I am here to serve you and your families – and ultimately the world. I deeply believe that by healing parents, we heal the world.

2. Parenting is meant to be done as a community – we are in this together. You are never alone. How you parent and the choices your children make ultimately affect the world in some way. I’m invested in what kind of people we are putting out into the world, together.

3. I share and teach from the various trainings I’ve received and books I’ve read. I also create material from my own experience as a mother, daughter, co-parent, human, and all the other hats I wear and share my heart which doesn’t always have the science to back it up.

4. I am an eternal student which means I do not know everything and will not have all the answers. Being comfortable with not knowing everything is a superpower which allows me to continuously learn and shift where needed.

5. I promise to always do my best as your coach and all that I ask is that you do the same. We practice having compassion for ourselves when old patterns show-up and take over.

6. I am grateful to be doing my heart’s work as a business. I promise to always provide free and super-accessible content. I also know that in order to help all those I envision helping, I must be able to help myself first.

Thank you for all your support in purchasing products, courses, and sessions – this helps me continue to do this work and help more parents. I promise your support also supports scholarships for parents that cannot afford to pay for courses or coaching in full. THANK YOU!

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