Why Root To Rise
In order to "Root to Rise", you must first

lay a well-intentioned foundation. Pay attention to precisely how, what, and where you plant.

If we think of this in terms of yogic philosophy, and specific to the physical practice of yoga, which is called asana, then we would be precise with how we plant our feet and hands, as these are the foundations of our pose, our roots.

How we choose to place our hands & feet directly affects the pose’s ability to grow.

This is the seed of the pose. The seed that will sprout roots, and become the foundation from where the pose will grow.

But it doesn’t end there. Once the seed is planted, the foundation is set, there is tending, nourishing, that is needed.

This tending, with the “right” nourishment, activates what you want to grow, providing structural integrity to the posture, to your experience in your body and with your yoga practice.

The same is true for parenting.

The foundation we lay as parents, as caregivers, helps create the family environment from which our children’s structural integrity will form. This is not to say that everything about our child will be because of our doing, that would be way too much pressure! And it’s completely unrealistic.

However, how we nourish our home environments and the relationships within them makes a big impact on what grows from those experiences.

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Okay, but what if my child is older & I feel that my opportunity has passed to lay down a healthy and loving foundation? Or even correct the current one?

I’m a mom of a 13 year old boy - I am using the same foundational concepts and methods I have used when he was 3! And they still work! As soon as you start coming from a new parenting place, you will receive a different response from your child.

It’s never too late to work on having the relationship you so desperately want with your children and family! It’s never too late to change the soil and nourishment of your family environment and therefore change your family experience.

Trust That You're In The Right Place. At The Right Time.

Straight forward, science-based tools backed by the latest research weaved with Soul-inspired, spiritual tools
A focus on connection, mutual respect, positive communication, strength-based & values-based parenting
Tools that grow with you and your child through every age and phase

This 10 Week Journey
is for you if...

You are DONE with feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and hopeless around how you parent, how your kids behave and treat you.

You KNOW there is a better way and you’re ready to learn HOW to implement in an authentic and consistent way! You are READY to parent from a new place!

You are WILLING to show up for yourself and your family no matter what. You are COMMITTED.

What you can expect...
Life-changing benefits for the WHOLE family...

LEARN a deeply nourishing and supportive process that helps you deal with parenting overwhelm and frustration. Creating the confidence and consistency you need. You’ll know which strategies work and which don’t for your specific needs and child!

FEEL more deeply. See yourself and your child more clearly and lovingly. Discipline without yelling (as often!) or spanking

HEAL beliefs and habits that have kept you stuck, around parenting and life overall. Release parenting shame and guilt.

TRANSFORM your relationships and learn how to live with freedom and peace. Build stronger relationships & memories with your family.

CREATE a safe space to return when things get off track. Know that you’re always supported and not alone in this parenting journey through this program and community. We’re in this together.

Kat helped me deep dive into my childhood to understand and see myself more clearly and in turn see my son more clearly. She helped me bring up emotions and feelings I had been suppressing for years and taught me how to release them from my body through meditations, stretching and breath work.

Kat is talented and it is obvious that this work comes naturally to her. She is intuitive, knowledgeable and professional. Any and all parents will benefit from this course. Kat will show you how bettering your relationship with yourself will improve your relationships with others, especially the one with your child.

Ferris Givins


My experiences working with Kat have been transformational. Kat listens with heart and without judgement. She provide a deep level of insight on so many levels – logically, spiritually, and emotionally.


What You Can Expect
In Your 10-Week Journey

You’ll feel like you have a parenting coach in your back pocket! You’ll feel supported through your most critical and vulnerable times!
  • 10 1 hour, 1:1 weekly, recorded live calls.  Calls are Via Zoom

We will set an intention for our calls, together, based on your specific needs. Each week is designed to introduce a new conscious parenting tool that will build a toolbelt for your unique family and needs.

  • Weekly online resources, mediations, and assignments to strengthen the skills you are learning.

Each week feel supported by what you’re learning and have practical tools to use right on the spot!

  • Email support with 24 hr. response time.

Having patient, loving, and authentic support while learning new skills is critical. You’ll feel supported throughout the entire 10 weeks with me!

  • Online Parent Coaching sessions are $88 per hour. (Scholarships are available) 


Make an appt for our Connection Call where we’ll decide if we’re the right fit for this special and intimate journey.

Own Your Life

A Conscious Parenting approach to creating more Confidence, Consistency, and Freedom in your Parenting & Life

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